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Oct 23, 2012 6:00am PDT
[♪ theme music ♪] >> stephanie: hello, current tv world. here -- look who is here. kathleen madigan. >> i know. >> comedian extrordanaire. very exciting. >> they thought it was the trash lady outside. >> stephanie: i was like hi. oh, kathleen madigan. >> we don't have any recyclables. >> stephanie: you know who else is here jacki schechner. >> good morning. >> stephanie: great reviews on your debate review yesterday. the main question was, oh my god, where did jacki get that shirt-dress thing. it was fabulous. >> i thought they were going to ask where i got the boots that matched yours? >> stephanie: yeah, we have to communicate better. here she is now my bff. >> good morning, everybody. president obama is following up a great debate performance with a rally in del ray, florida today. they are handing out a block called "blueprint for the future." there is a new tved a to go along with it. >> obama: we're not there yet but we have made real progress and the last thing we should do is turn back now. here is my plan for the next four years. >> the president's
Oct 22, 2012 12:00am PDT
duffy, andrea mitchell, kathleen parker and john harris. what will win the difference? for president obama, here's a short must-do list for the two weeks ahead. number one project what he's done into the positive future. ramp up that positive message. obama backs the middle-class. romney can't wait to help the rich. in monday night's debate especially on the issue of libya. and here's a list for romney, keep asking voters are you better off? present yourself as a strong fixer of voters' economic troubles. and look like a commander in chief. this is a tightened race and romney may be the one on offense right now. >> he has to be because he's still a little bit behind in the key states. his job is fairly simple. 16 days tops. he's got to keep the focus on his economic message of lower taxes for everyone whether that's possible or not the long run. he's got to show on foreign policy that you keep the boat in the channel that's a minimum requirement of doing the job. the third thing is, he's got about $150 million to spend. they have to spend it carefully and weijsly in about eight to ni
Oct 27, 2012 11:30am PDT
college tes. then, voted wn for being a man. behind the headlines, actress and women's advocate, kathleen turner. >> hello. i'm bonnie erbe. welcome to "to the contrary," a discussion of news and social trends from diverse perspectives. up first, political gaffes. >> the last days of the presidential race have become a pitch battle for swing voters in battleground states. and women are the coveted swing voters of 2012. they're called waitress moms, described as a rung or two down the economic ladder from the soccer moms of the more prosperous 1990s. meanwhile that prickly issue of abortion detonated once more this week when richard mourdock, the gop senate candidate in indiana talked about rape an pregnancy during the lest debate >> life is a gift from god. when it begins in the horrible situation of rape, that is something that they intended to happen. >> gop candidate mitt romney distanced himself from the remark. but despite objections from women's rights groups romney didn't pull this campaign ad. >> i hope you will join me in supporting richard murdoch. this, of course, after freshma
Oct 3, 2012 9:30am PDT
will be joined by kathleen and david as we discuss those. so, talking about more of what has been happening recently, at the ship repair area... as you may remember, we recently... you approved the releasing and move forward with the sheer power improvements for the bea ship repair area to support their operations and in the future increase their ability to attract larger ships and others ships for ship repair. we begun to discuss with bae as well. they begin to have the design discussions about new infrastructure for their facility and how their facilities can relate to the new partners that are coming to pier 70. and lastly we will be revisiting their master plan and having it be informed by the plans that we are beginning to see from orton development and forest city. >> regarding the water front site and the city develop. as you know for the past several months, forest city has been working very hard on the due diligence process for the 25 acres working with them to understand the various soils and water conditions on the site and other information that will feed into for the infrastruc
Oct 13, 2012 6:00am PDT
70 historic buildings opportunity with o den incorporated. >> good afternoon commissioners. kathleen from the planning and development group. i am here today to ask for your approval of the transaction terms for the orden project at pier 70. in today's presentation i am starting from the assumption we know where pier 70 is and focusing on this project and realize this is one of many presentations we have given to the board and i am focusing on the business terms and where we are now. i am excited to report we have reached a conceptual agreement with them. what it is a five, six pages of business terms that we agreed to that will cast the formation of what will end up being a substantial document in front of you we hope early next year. the process now is if you approve this today we then take it to the board of supervisors and then we dive into the next level of project review. this term sheet endorsement and board of supervisors endorsement is really important because we don't want to dive into all of that until we make sure that the policy makers are on board with us, so thes
Oct 20, 2012 2:00am PDT
for the health of the woman says it is just an excuse to have an abortion. kathleen turner comes here, to fight for the woman. it got hot in the battles for the country. check out this between brown and josh mandel. >> being called a liar, a liar by the winner of the pants on crown fire is just a pretty remarkable thing for a young man to say or for a man of any age to say in a political debate. >> that was one of the many round house punches thrown last night in senate debates around the country. we are going to bring you the important action. it is going to get hot here. monday, the last of the presidential debates on foreign policy. the president needs to put out the bottom line on what happened in benghazi and get over with it. what a bunch of trog la diets out there. this is "hardball," the place for politics. usion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8. or...try kids boxes! a great clean doesn't have to take longer. i'm done. [ female announcer ] unlike sprays and dust rags, swiffer 360 dusters extender can clean hard to reach places in less time. swiffe
Oct 13, 2012 1:45pm EDT
, the white house project in the election cycle -- a libya snow and kathleen sibelius were in there. we also wanted to consider this notion and several years ago, which last round of madame president, talking about looking at women governors. we wanted to look at women governors who have been through training as the pipeline. we also made the observation that when a male is elected to senatorship he is the immediately cast as a future presidential hopeful. scott brown hadn't even been sworn in in massachusetts and was already purchased but so many women had been in washington so many years as legislators working on important work and yet their names never bubble to the top and we were curious why not. >> how did you decide you wanted to write this book? you all studied similar topics. how did this book come about? >> it was my idea. i have been a political nerd, my parents remember my sister and i in 1960 staging a knicks and/kennedy debate. my elephant beat her ratify. the magazine issues came out in advance of the presidential election, preview the eight or ten or 12 people
Oct 28, 2012 5:00pm PDT
the pickle our country's in, and how the candidates think we can get out. kathleen hall jamieson is a regular and familiar participant on our broadcast. expert on debates, media, and political rhetoric. director of the annenberg public policy center at the university of pennsylvania, she has been a force behind two essential, non-partisan websites, and, each calling out the deception and confusion generated by parties and partisans. on the other side of the continent, her fellow annenberger marty kaplan is founder and head of the norman lear center at the university of southern california's annenberg school for communication and journalism. the center focuses on the bustling intersection of show business and politics. he's been a producer and screenwriter as well as a speechwriter for then vice president walter mondale and a colleague of the late u.s. commissioner of education ernest boyer. welcome to you both. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> kathleen, the last time you were here you said all we've got left in the search for truth and knowledge is the debate. all r
Oct 7, 2012 7:45am EDT
before the 2008 election, olympia snowe, kathleen sebelius were both in there, and we wanted to also consider this notion -- barbara lee who has been are sober years ago when he did the last round of madam president, six years ago with her foundation a doctor looking at women governors would want to look at some of the women governors who have been through some of barbara lee's training as a pipeline to the presidency. >> we also made the observation that when a male is elected to senator schiff, immediately he is cast as a future presidential hopeful. for example, scott brown hadn't even been sworn in yet in massachusetts, and the url scott brown -- or scott brown was already purchased. but so many women have been in washington for so many years as legislators and working on important work come and get their names never bubbled to the top. we were curious why not. >> how did you decide you wanted to write this book? all three of you studied similar topics, but how did this book actually come about? >> your idea, ted. spent i guess it was my idea. i've been a political n
Oct 19, 2012 4:00pm PDT
. >> kathleen turner and tough hombres in a minute, not just you guys, but my question is how can one guy one night, he walks in, very impressive, even pushy. he is -- he's a bully. and yet he seemed to impress a lot of women, romney. >> sure. >> why does his manner impress people? >> the perception of him, as haley barbour said, he was an out of touch plutocrat married to a known equestrian. when people saw he was a serious politician, not the thurston howell character, it helped him. i think that's still the case. >> you don't think he was that guy? i thought -- he looked like a big business big shot. >> but by the way, in the first debate you said he was kind of a bully. no, he wasn't in the first debate. i thought there was a civility to him. >> covering up for lack of deference. >> on the obama care issue -- >> he did little subtle things that i thought he made a mistake not doing in the second debate. that he was too aggressive and too hot. >> hold on, you'll get your chance. can you imagine if obama had done that to a sitting president? >> they would have brought the police in. >> it w
FOX Business
Oct 23, 2012 12:00am EDT
and what it really does john: do you remember the fuss made with kathleen sebelius machine for the boss reelectio she encouraged the audience the giants to continue obama should be president. it does day the boys cannot use their official jobs to defect the election and. the white house said it was mistaken to reimburse for travel executives. but people wanther fired. political appointees do this all the time. kathleen sebeliusis a hard core herb big government democr. of course, she supports obama. is that illegal? the "wall street journal" reports th biggest union givers is the air-trafc controllers. why? they start to give more money after obama gave him a contract with pay increases. more than other government workers. it is a coincidence i'm sure. they say they support the president because the administration and strong commitment to their safety. mitt romney must not the. bribery? it seems wrong unions paid to elect politicians who pay them back with yourmoney. why isn't that a scammed? it is legal. crazy. legal. at that union demonstration that union built the middle-class. they
Oct 10, 2012 10:30pm PDT
development and also the staff and others, kathleen. kathleen i know you have worked on this very unique and interesting project and i am certainly excited to see this step in the process come forward and i am very excited what will be coming next and i wanted to thank everybody involved and being creative and get this project moving forward. >> i just want to add -- [inaudible] i think you could see that this term sheet is fairly detailed, i guess, and this is as a result of a lot of conversations and discussions that the staff has had and i think some of the commission in terms of the direction we have given you and we are pleased to see where are at this step today and hopefully this project will move forward. so with that all in favor? >> aye. >> aye. >> resolution number -- sorry, i have to go back. resolution 1278 has been approved. and i see mr. orden and james madison in the back. congratulations. thank you. >> item 9d informational presentation regarding the sfpuc recycled water project and identification of port properties as potential sites. >> good afternoon commissioners
Oct 11, 2012 12:00am PDT
kathleen we're starting. >> okay. >> is there a second? >> second. >> second. >> would you like -- >> move. move that we not disclose what transpired in close session. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> aye. >> okay. item six please be advised that use of cell phonings, pagers and similar electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting. please be advised that the chair may order the removal of the meeting room of any person that uses one of these devices. please be advised that a member of the public has three minutes to make comments on each item. >> good afternoon. thank you for joining today. i have a short executive director's report and the first item happened a week ago saturday and i wanted to share with you. there was a pleasure craft vessel with three people board that was out on the bay and in the course on the bay they struck little alcatraz rock which is located on the west side of the island. in the impact tour a fairly sizable hole in the boat's hull. they were able to get over to the fisherman wharf's area and hook up for a barge doing construction for us and r
Oct 23, 2012 1:00pm PDT
here and represent my boss, secretary kathleen sebelius and be like brandt colfax, another round of applause for dr. colfax, please. (applause) >> to have a reinvest and recovery act, our stimulus law with the leadership of leader pelosi, of our mayor, of our supervisors, and our community to have $9-1/2 million given to this city and to this area for this. but not just for this, but everybody's already setting this this morning, the local impact, the state impact, the national impact, and indeed the international impact. and i represent a region that is 50 million people. california, arizona, nevada, hawaii, it's a three territories and three countries in the pacific. and i could tell you that i have moved around my region. i've been working with the hiv/aids and other communities throughout our region. do you know how many people have said to me, i got my information through san francisco? (applause) >> that is something to be really proud of. you know, i'll tell you a little bit of a personal story as we -- i move on. imagine september 16th, 1991, your young 29 year old, gay m
Oct 2, 2012 5:30pm EDT
on oo much influence body movements can have on an election.. kathleen: kathleen: it was a day of fitnnss in downtown bbltimore. baltimore. hundreds of students paaked porttdiscovery for a day of fun and heaath as an award for great attendance. children from three diffeeeet schools jined our own patrice puseum, get some exercise andd learn he importance of ating healthy and staying active. expeets say it's important that children learn healthy haabts at an early aae. 10:06:33-10:06:522it's very important because ddaling witt they're kids... importance of moving...importance of eaaing h" healthy."schools involved included maathew a. henson elementary... west side elementary. there could soon be far fewer athletes at towson univer. university. a task force is recommending deep is live on the campus tonight o3 with the recommendations, &pjefff... 3 3 3 3 p, the orioles on-field success is translating into business success across the area. columbia, orkers have made n several thousaad orioles- themed shirts in the past five they typically fill n an han entire sea
Oct 3, 2012 5:00pm EDT
tapping investigaaion.. kathleen. kathleen. -as live lead-"here in the edgewood village neighborhood these siggs are pooping upp everywhhre residdnts here tell drugs the gangs and the violence so theyyare moving jusstmade a major they have - bust..involving 21 peoppe and &pthey are hoping itssmade this &pneighborhood safer."---pkg insert----edgewood village is a quiet community filled with &pfamilies... it also was h cenner of a major ffdeeal wire tapping investigation that up a suspected major drug ng - gang. residents are well awaae off he violence. (susan luu)"i heard thissboom boom breaking into my home but it y was a drive by shooting" susan luu says it's has many reeidents terrified,, heyy hope he bust will bring about ccange. (wide two shot)"we have got to make aastand" 3 psusan close)"we dont need this in ur neighborhood" (susan luu)"if you dont speak up hen hese people will ruin the community"---s live tag-- "while some people areestill say they have dismantted one of the largest drug and gang five." 3pa new grant from the justice department will
Oct 31, 2012 1:00am PDT
more dispirited, i think, than kathleen is because what you do get, even from this limited, s signed on kabukidoes still have some value, despite its i completely agree. >> but on abortion, here's what i thii we can reasonably say reading history.n what candidates say they will do in the general election of a presidential campaign and what they repeatedly say they're going to do does predict what they're going to try to do, regardless of what they've done in their past or what they've said in the past. i would predict that if governor romney is elected president, he would support, nominate justices who would be more likely to overturn roe v. wade than would barack obama. i think that it is clear, however, that he would not do anything to outlaw abortion in cases of rape, incest or life of the mother being endangered. i think we know that from the exchanges to date. and so you can say he's had more positions across time, and his position -- you can mark different points in the calendar across his life. >> i do think that the public, by and large, perceives the fact that
Oct 16, 2012 10:00pm PDT
. >> and wouldn't the chief assistant attorney kathleen hoague either. for starters, adam said he had been in bed asleep before finding lena. some of the first responders said they found him fully dressed when they arrived. >> nobody sleeps dressed. even down to the fact that it's a police -- the hospital itself, one of the officers recognized that he had cologne on and he had -- his watch on. >> as if he'd been out all night or something. >> well, at least up. >> another officer reported the hood on adam's car in the garage felt warm like he'd just been driving it. >> being warm lends it to being driven. >> when the detective looked in the bedroom, did his eyes deceive him? or was one side of the bed undisturbed? as if it hadn't been slept in? what was adam's story about how he found his wife in the bathroom again? turns out, it was a little unclear. >> he told the first captain that he went into the bathroom and saw her slumped over the toilet. after that, he made a statement where he said that she was slumped over the magazine rack. >> the other way? >> yes. >> strange. isn't that what guilty
Oct 9, 2012 3:00pm PDT
is ohio state representative kathleen clyde, and joe madison, nationally syndicated radio host of "mornings with madison." thank you both for joining me tonight. >>> representative let's go to you first. what can you tell us about this man? >> well today's decision shows us he really will stop at nothing to fight voters having access to the polls, and having their votes counted. appealing this decision the united states supreme court to have voting on the three busiest days of early voting is yet another attempt to suppress the vote, and so close to election day. it's really unfair to the voters to be changing the rolls so close to the time when the big day is here. >> now, it's interesting you say that because he was singing a different tune just in january of this year. husted himself said after realizing curtailing early voting was actually unpopular, he told the ohio association of elected officials that he wanted to quote, start over after the 2012 election. he promised no more midstream changes, and he says we need more stability and less drama. he
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 244 (some duplicates have been removed)